This Foster Agreement with Danes in Distress is an additional required document for those who have already submitted a Foster Application

Foster Waiver


    As a Foster caregiver (hereafter referred to as ‘Foster’), I acknowledge and agree as follows:

    That Danes in Distress will supply all known information about any Great Dane to be fostered.

    That Title of Ownership legally remains with Danes in Distress.

    To foster any Great Dane delivered into the Foster's care by mutual agreement.

    To maintain the Great Dane in the Foster’s house as a household pet, to provide a suitable area for unsupervised exercise periods, not to tie the Great Dane on a rope, chain or leash of any sort while unattended, not to use a pronged collar, to transport the Great Dane only in an enclosed vehicle, and to ensure that the Great Dane is treated humanely throughout its stay with you.

    To ensure that:

    1. The Great Dane is kept under care and control reasonably designed to minimize disruptions to neighbors or the public, and;
    2. Adequate off-leash exercise/socialization is provided on a daily basis (weather permitting) for the Great Dane on a property other than Foster's back yard.

    That Danes in Distress reserves the right to follow through on and monitor the Great Dane’s care in order to protect the welfare of the Great Dane. If Danes in Distress is not satisfied that the Dane is being properly cared for, OR if the Foster has made any misrepresentation to Danes in Distress relating to any aspect of the treatment or care of the Great Dane during its stay with you, the Great Dane will be returned to Danes in Distress. Unless arranged by Danes in Distress, THE FOSTER SHALL NOT RELOCATE THE GREAT DANE TO ANY OTHER PERSON, FIRM, ORGANIZATION OR CORPORATION FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER.

    To follow all recommendations made by Danes in Distress for the care and welfare of the Great Dane.

    Should it become necessary for Danes in Distress to take legal action to recover the Great Dane, or otherwise enforce the conditions of this Agreement, the Foster agrees to pay all expenses incurred by Danes in Distress, including, but not limited to, court costs and legal costs.

    The Foster does hereby release and forever discharge Danes in Distress, its members and agents, from any and all actions, causes of action, claims and demands for damages, loss or injury, howsoever sustained by the Foster including all damage, loss or injury not now known or anticipated but which may arise in the future and all effects and consequences thereof. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Foster agrees that Danes in Distress will have no responsibility or liability for any expenses arising from the unsoundness of mind and/or body of the Great Dane.

    The Foster hereby indemnifies and saves harmless Danes in Distress, its members and agents, from any and all actions, causes of action, claims and demands for damages, loss or injury howsoever arising, as a consequence of the condition, care or control of the Great Dane.