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There are many ways you can help in our quest to save and re-home Great Danes into permanent, loving homes.

We provide all necessary care to get incoming Danes healthy before adoption.

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Even though we are a registered charity, we do not receive any monies from federal/provincial/municipal agencies. Our organization is funded entirely by donations and fund-raising events. All monies received are applied towards veterinary costs and the care/treatment of Great Danes in our care with the eventual goal being placement in a new, permanent home with loving owners. Every cent of your donation helps cover the many costs we incur in caring for our “Rescues” prior to adoption and also for Danes which are not adoptable due to health or other reasons. We are a ‘No Kill’ organization and the unadoptable ones are placed in permanent foster homes where we subsidize all costs for the remainder of their lives.

Without your financial help, this organization could not exist and many Great Danes would never get a second chance to lead a normal, happy life. Any donation, no matter how small, is welcome. One time, or monthly donations are welcomed. A Charitable Donation Receipt is issued for amounts of $20 or more.

We thank all those who have contributed, or will contribute, for caring about the welfare of these truly magnificent animals!

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When a Dane comes into rescue, it needs a home to provide temporary care. Some of our new arrivals need vet care and TLC in a stable home to get them over the trauma of a previous environment, others just need lots of TLC to get them over the confusion of relocation.

Due to the sheer numbers of Danes we take in on an annual basis, we have to rely on Foster homes to temporarily fill this gap. We pay all Dane-related expenses while in foster. Many prospective adopters who have never had a Dane before opt to foster a Dane to get first hand experience with the special needs of the breed before they make the decision to permanently adopt. We also have some dedicated families who recognize the need for temporary homes and commit to providing temporary homes prior to adoption.

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All functions within our rescue are done by volunteers who do not receive any remuneration other than expenses incurred in the care of rescued Danes.

We are always looking for committed individuals to help. If you have available time, we would love to hear from you.

There are a variety of volunteer positions open, so the choices for what you prefer are many. We are looking for:

  • Drivers to help with transporting incoming Danes – administrative volunteers
  • Volunteers for our fund-raising events – set-up/dissemble event equipment, staffing specific positions and other duties to ensure that events run smoothly
  • Personnel to organize fund raising within acceptable guidelines
    and too many other positions to list here….

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