Without volunteers, we could not exist.

We are a non-profit group and rely entirely on passionate people to run our rescue efforts.

If you have a passion for the breed, can spare some time and are willing to help, we always welcome new members. No matter how much or how little you can do, every bit helps.

Some of the rewards include seeing many of our rescued Danes at our bi-annual Dane-a-Thon events, the bonding that has developed with their new families and the satisfaction of knowing that you played a part in getting a Great Dane another chance. These are the fortunate ones (and they know it). Many others aren’t so lucky because we simply don’t have the resources or staffing to take them in!

There are many options for volunteers within our group, depending on how much, or little, time you want to donate. If you can devote some time to help with some of the tasks involved with rescue, the following gives a brief outline of what is involved.

Foster Homes
We are always in search of new homes to temporarily house our incoming Great Danes. All expenses are paid for the Dane’s vetting and food costs while in foster care and we arrange for any vetting procedures to be done. You can opt for short (typically 2 weeks) or long-term fostering where more time is involved to overcome any medical or training requirements.
Frequency: Ongoing.
If you are interested in fostering, please visit our Foster Page now.

When a Dane comes into us, it has to be transported to an available foster home. In some cases where lengthier transports are required, there can be multiple ‘legs’ in the journey where the Dane is transferred for each leg to a different driver. This is prearranged by our administrative volunteers who will supply each different driver with a ‘run sheet’ specifying the meeting points where each driver will transport from and to. We pay mileage costs per kilometer for any trips you make.
Frequency: Occasional.

We always check the suitability of any home where a Dane will be fostered or adopted to, and a standard form is available to itemize questions that we need answers for. We pay mileage costs per kilometer for any visits you make.
Frequency: Occasional.

We receive no funding from Federal or Provincial governments. Our main sources of income are donations and fund-raising events. In addition to our annual Dane-a-Thons, volunteers can also organize any function where the proceeds go to rescue. No matter how small an amount you can help raise, it all contributes to paying vet bills and foster care costs.
Frequency: Ongoing.

Some of you who take the first step by committing time to rescue now will become as passionate about saving Danes as we are, and could possibly hold key positions within our organization at some future point. This has been the way since our inception in 1956 – and hopefully it will continue for many years to come.

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