** Stone is currently in need of a foster home **

Hi everyone! Stone here again – what does a guy have to do to get any attention around here!

I might be called Stone but guys have feelings too, I’m a cool, happy 3-year old so what’s with the ghosting people. I’m still looking for my forever home.

Danes in Distress rescued me about 5 months ago and boy did I hit the jackpot. My foster parents feed me like I’m a king and I’ve put on SO much weight, I was “reeel” skinny. Life before wasn’t easy.

My foster mom says I am a big, strong goofy boy, who loves couch cuddles, walks, sun-tanning and naps. I get a gold medal in kicking back and snuggling but I’m a work in progress when it comes to seeing other dogs.  Thing is the kangaroo in me just wants to go, oh and I’m loud. We move away when we see dogs (better yet, avoid), I get treats and time to settle and calm; sometimes it works, not all the time but it does happen and I’m SO much better than when I first came into foster.

If I had a large yard and we could go to those private parks to play that would be great, living in the country would be even better. The city’s not for me, too many dogs to get excited about.

As much as I love to relax and snuggle, I can get excited so I’m looking for as few people in the home as possible. No children, since I don’t want to be knocking over any little people when the zoomies hit. Best for me, no other dogs since I play hard and never did learn how to read other dogs’ cues when they’ve had enough. Yeah, I can really push the limits but I just think its play! I’m still learning.

Stone is an energetic, sensitive, young dude who had very little early education. His foster parents took things back to basics; he bonded quickly and started to learn. Working with a behavior coach, who assessed Stone’s ‘loudness’ with other dogs as frustration, a plan was developed to help him de-compress. He’s a work in progress and anyone considering adopting Stone must be prepared to continue with the work. He’s definitely worth it.

If you have had Dane or large breed experience this would be great for him. His social intentions with people are good and he wants to make new dog friends, but he requires direction from his people. You must engage Storm using positive re-enforcement. He’s a strong, young boy who loves life and we’re looking for a person (or a couple) who will help him navigate this journey and learn to have more manners along the way. He can be a bit of a twerp and ‘guardy’ with food items or garbage (go figure) but if you trade up he complies. His thinking brain is slow to catch up sometimes.

Do you think you could offer him a forever home?

Name: Stone
Age: 3 years old
Size: Large
Colour: Fawn
Gender: Male