To describe Sofie (4 years 4 months) we’d start by saying “a big loveable, cuddly girl”.

When surrendered to Danes in Distress, Sofie’s physical condition was very poor. She had open skin lesions, needed surgery for untreated cherry eye and a torn cruciate. Her body had experienced pain and discomfort for a long time.  We healed her body with surgery and medications and then we needed to find a way to help this girl communicate to her people when she was feeling overwhelmed by touch, as she was very aware of people being around her body.

Since being surrendered to Danes in Distress, Sofie’s confidence has come a long way. By letting her decide when she wanted to come to her people, Sofie soon began to relax, and her goofy, sociable side came flooding through. She’s a gal who is aware of her surroundings and can become unsure with loud noises or quick movements and because of this she’ll be best suited to a calm home where her people take relaxing quite seriously. Cuddles on the couch watching Netflix, best thing ever!  She likes to play, but when the couch calls or she decides it’s her bedtime all bets are off, napping takes over.  She is not what you’d call a high energy gal, but don’t let that fool you, the Dane zoomies will make an appearance!

Sofie is not a confrontational dog.  She doesn’t want conflict and is not aggressive. She’s just learnt to be sensitive about humans touching her body and doesn’t want to be surprised by interactions. If she feels trapped she gets worried and will let you know.  High value treats and giving her space when she tells you she’s had enough, are teaching Sofie that she has a choice in the matter and can disengage.

She’s good with dogs but we think she’d like to be the only one in a home. Sofie is very well-mannered and is always up for a car ride. Her foster dad is quite smitten with this girl and regularly reports how often she can turn into a puppy and is always asking for cuddles and belly rubs.


Name: Sofie
Age: 4 years old
Size: Large
Colour: Brindle
Gender: Female
Caveats: Unknown with cats