Update: Happy Tails for Scooby…

Woohoo! Look at the smile on this boys face! Congrats to Mr. Scoob for making his way to his forever family this weekend.

Meet Scooby!

Scooby is a two year old who came to us from a shelter and is currently in foster. He was vet checked this past week and weighed in at a mere 88.4 lbs…his foster Mom has been working on fattening him up! The vet suspects this poor boy was crated for long periods in a crate that was too small for him and because of this, he has a hunched stance and an inability to stretch his back legs.  In time, his tendons may loosen ~ but we’re not sure.

This boy has experienced rough conditions in his past and although they took a toll on him physically, he’s maintained a trust and sweetness and is responding with enthusiasm and confidence 😊

He is a very smart and eager boy who will require someone with the patience and practice to bring this willing partner along.  He is so eager to learn and a willingness to love that anyone will appreciate.

He has not had the benefit of socialization with other dogs but after a short time has already acclimated to his ‘small dog’ housemate.  He has been working on his basic commands, but will definitely need patience when it comes to leash walking.  It is unknown how he is with children and cats at this time.


Name: Scooby
Age: 2 years
Size: Medium
Colour: Merle
Gender: Male
Locations: Ontario