Prudence is a 2 yr old fawn Great Dane female who has had a rough start to her life.  She’s a very timid girl, who loves to snuggle on the couch and is always up for a gentle ear rub or massage.  She loves to come over to anyone sitting down and try to sit in their lap.  She doesn’t know she’s 120 lbs!


Pru is a gentle, very sensitive soul, who is very afraid of city living, and is reactive to other dogs.  It’s just that so many things scare her! And she’s learned that by barking she can make these things go away.  Her default response is fear, rather than curiosity.


At first Pru didn’t know how to play.  Now she has a favourite sneaky toy and will pounce on it, pushing it around the living room floor.  She loves to run free, off leash.  She is afraid of the leash/harness/halti, as she equates it with going outside into the scary city.  When Pru is afraid she will sometimes pee on the floor, although she is definitely house trained. Pru knows her basic commands, sit & stay. She is especially motivated to perform by hotdogs, and dried liver!   Pru is a good sleeper, who quiets down around 9/10PM and happily sleeps till 7/8AM.  She is not crate trained, but also not destructive in the home when left alone for several hours. When left in the morning she will settle in quite well, with a peanut butter stuffed Kong.


This beautiful girl will benefit from a gentle home, a quiet space where she can go outside off leash and be taught how to interact with other dogs.  An experienced, encouraging owner who is able to put in training time and consistency will greatly help this timid girl overcome her fears.

Name: Prudence
Age: 2 Years
Size: Small
Colour: Fawn
Gender: Female
Locations: Ontario