We’re looking for someone who can meet Ozzy’s needs and is willing to work together with us, to help him live a confident life with you. We’ve started the work; we need it to continue and so we’re looking at a foster to adopt process with the right person/s. Danes in Distress will provide behavioural coaching support to the successful candidate.
Both you and Ozzie will be going to school and have homework!
Prior to an adoption contract being signed, Ozzy remains under the ownership of Danes in Distress and we will cover expenses related to feeding and medical. We’ll all work together to help Ozzie discover who he is and give him a chance to become the best version of himself. Your goal doesn’t change, you want to adopt this great boy and you’ll have so much more information about him before you do.
So, who is Ozzy?
He was surrendered with another Dane, however it soon became obvious as Ozzy was growing into maturity, their relationship was not thriving, conflict was starting to happen and they needed to be separated. He’s only started his journey on his own over the last few weeks.
He comes across as being bold and outgoing but at the core of his goofy playfulness he lacks confidence. He has sensitivity to unfamiliar people and a high startle reflex, making him vigilant when he feels unsure.
Meeting new people, or being in a new situation he must be able to engage when the timing is right for him. He loves his food so treats are always a plus when meeting new people! No forced interactions for this lad. Lack of early education/exposure could be the cause of Ozzy’s fearfulness and it’s hoped with ongoing structure and support, his confidence is going to carry on building. Improvement has already been seen in the last few weeks.
Ozzy has shown some concern when left on his own. Anyone considering him will need to take this into account, as time, patience and a commitment to continuing with his behavioural training regarding separation anxiety, will need to happen. Improvement in this area has been seen.
Around the house, Ozzy doesn’t like to miss out on anything his humans are up to. He’s a big fan of enrichment activities so chewing a bone, searching for treats in a play box have been an active part of his foster placement. It certainly tires him out and his best thing ever is to pick up his stuffy toy afterwards, take it to his bed and fall asleep. He walks well outdoors and is always ready for an adventure.
We’re looking for a specific home, not a first time dog owner and ideally you will have previous Dane or large breed experience. He’s a strong 14 month year old, 150lbs boy who we’re taking back to early socialization. Are you someone who is patient and wants to work with this clever young guy toward adulthood? He’s a very loving, fun Dane, who builds strong bonds with his people. He needs clear guidance so he won’t be confused, if you are calm, quietly confident; remain committed to continuing with his socialization and education this fine boy will continue to show you just what he can do. Not a busy household (no children please). Ozzy has lived with another dog but at this time we are looking for a home without dogs so the focus of attention can be on him solely. We believe this will be the best recipe for his success.
Name: Ozzie
Age: 14 months
Size: Large
Colour: Fawn
Gender: Male
Caveats: No other dogs or children please