Opie has moved on to the next chapter…his forever home! Adopted!



Opie is 2.5 years of age and a big (180 lbs) “sweet boy”, very much loved by his family. The decision to surrender him to Danes in Distress has been hard for them. With a busy household of four young children and their visiting friends, it’s proven to be too stressful for Opie to cope with.  His stress has started to show in his behavior around the children, and his family came to the decision that the right thing to do for Opie was to give him a chance to live in a calmer home.

He has the all the wonderful traits of a Dane, loves the couch, the cuddles and his people.  He’s a sensitive dude in a big beautiful body. Opie has started to show reactivity, mainly towards men on walks and with male visitors to the home. He’s great with other dogs and has lived happily with another dog housemate, without incidence.

Opie is going to need direction and support; he has so much potential. Ideally someone with Dane or large breed experience and the commitment to work toward making him the best he can be. Not a busy household as he will need guidance to make sure his interactions with people are always positive. With considerate handling, a structured routine, patience and exercise, he will thrive and be the best boy!


Name: Opie
Age: 2.5 years old
Size: Large
Colour: Black
Gender: Male
Caveats: No children please!