**** Adoption pending ****
Meet Nova!
This sweet one year old girl has had a rough start in life, originating from a puppy mill/hoarding situation, but that hasn’t diminished her loving personality. Nova can be a bit shy in new environments, but with patience and trust-building, she blossoms into a confident and playful pup. She loves going for off-leash walks on the farm and has exceptional recall. In urban areas, she can become overwhelmed, seeking comfort from her human companion. Nova is currently undergoing basic command training and is eager to please her caregivers. She enjoys learning new things, especially with the help of a snuffle mat or kong wobbler.
Nova can be nervous at times and will attempt to flee if she’s feeling trapped. She is fully house-trained and loves going for runs with her specific canine friends. She would prefer a home without other dogs or with an older, calm male, but she loves children and naturally gravitates towards them. While Nova has a strong motivation towards food, if left unattended, she’s a bit of a kleptomaniac and enjoys grabbing small items including food. She’s curious about squirrels and rabbits in the yard, and loves chasing them joyfully and the the yard ‘safe.’
Overall, Nova is an exceedingly affectionate and loving girl who deserves a loving forever home. If you’re willing to give her the patience, trust, and love she needs, she’ll reward you with endless cuddles and playtime.


Name: Nova
Age: 1 year
Size: Small
Colour: Black
Gender: Female