Hello from Maverick! This majestic fellow is a 6 year old sweetheart, who came to Danes in Distress when his owner passed away suddenly.

He is new into his foster placement and continues to be assessed.

Maverick is a sensitive dude who likes nothing better than to be with his humans.  His tail will let you know, it never stops wagging!

Due to his size and strength (a solid 160lbs), he is looking for an experienced dog owner (even better, large breed experience), who will be comfortable working on some over stimulation he’s shown while out on his walks (dogs and some people). He needs a structured environment.

This boy is a strong dog who will use his strength to go where he would like to go.  This has worked for him in the past and is very much a learned behavior. He is a dog who builds strong bonds with his people and is responsive to the handler, a great foundation to work on. 

Maverick was well loved by his previous owner but structure was somewhat lacking in his previous life.  He has shown some barking and pulling toward other dogs when being leash walked, and can become quite boisterous.  He is highly aware of and attuned to his surroundings and will notice the simplest of changes.  It’s early days, but if the handler guides Maverick using positive reinforcement, he can be redirected and gives a better response.

Around the house, Maverick doesn’t like to miss out on anything his humans are up to. He’s always ready for an adventure but is also a real snuggler who enjoys closeness with his trusted people (on the couch or lying on his bed), watching Netflix.  He really does watch the screen!

He’s a big fan of enrichment activities so chewing a bone a frozen Kong and searching for treats in a play box, have been an active part of his foster placement.  It certainly tires him out and his best thing ever is to pick up his stuffy toy afterwards, take it to his bed and hold it while he falls asleep.

If you are interested in applying to adopt this boy, fill out an application and let’s see if it’s a match!





Name: Maverick
Age: 6
Size: Large
Colour: Merle
Gender: Male
Caveats: No cats.
Dogs – no small dogs.  Relaxed dogs, with the proper introductions