Meet Harley, a lovable gal in search of her forever home. At 6 years old, Harley is still full of life and ready to embark on new adventures with a loving family. Unfortunately, her previous owners can no longer care for her due to illness so she is hoping to find a new family who will cherish her.

Harley is a playful pup who enjoys chasing squirrels and anything that moves in the yard.  However, she prefers a home without cats, as she has a strong prey drive and may not know what to do if she catches one.  She is a big goofball who loves playing with toys, especially if there are treats hidden in them. Harely is like a velcro dog, always wanting to be close to her people and feeling more secure when they are around.

When it comes to mealtime, Harley’s enthusiasm is evident as she happily eats and leaves a trail of drool behind. She also loves the challenge of finding treats that you hide for her. While she enjoys some independence and playing by herself with toys, she tends to serenade the neighbors when left alone at home.  Therefore, she would be best suited for a single-family home or a family with understanding neighbours.

Due to her past experiences, Harley lacks confidence but is always eager to learn and grow. Her current family has been gradually helping her build trust by leaving her alone for short periods and monitoring her progess.

During walks, Harley tends to pull and gets excited when she encounters wildlife. She does listen well, and is responsive to commands. While she likes some dogs, she hasn’t had much recent exposure to them.  Therefore, she would need to meet any potential furry siblings before going home with them.

If you are looking for a snuggle bug, Harley’s your girl!

Name: Harley
Age: 6 years old
Size: Large
Colour: Harlequin
Gender: Female