Thank you! I have been adopted!
Hey everyone! I’m Cookie!
If you’ve visited this page before you’ll have seen me around.
I’ve been learning new stuff and everyone tells me I’m doing great. When I first arrived in my foster home I was a bit overwhelmed. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do, or how to deal with difficult things but with help from my foster mom, boy are things different now!
These big girl pants feel pretty good and I’ve loved learning new things.
I now walk well on my leash, sit and wait for my meals and look for permission to go in and out of the house which I think, is pretty darned good. Considering that not long ago all I knew was how to jump like a kangaroo, everyone is very proud of me. One of the best skills I’ve been learning is how to relax and chill out on my bed.
I’m looking for a special human to be my forever person; together we can just keep learning things and enjoy what life has to offer. I’m so excited! Not too excited though because I’m learning to be calm 🙃
With my new confidence, I go to my bed alone whenever I just feel like chilling out or having a rest. When people visit, my foster mom puts me behind the baby gate or on my tether and I’m OK with this. I know I’ll be able to say my ‘hello’s’ very soon and it gives me a chance to get all my inside ‘squirlys’ calmed down first so I don’t scare visitors with my bouncy excitement.
I like some dogs once I have had a chance to slowly get to know them (boys, better than girls), but I don’t want any living with me. I want to be the only dog so I don’t have to share my peeps.
From my Danes in Distress Family:
We’re looking for a country environment for Cookie as she is not well suited for suburban or neighborhood walking. She’d love to engage in scenting or fun agility activities (give her a job).
Cookie loves hard and quickly attaches to her people. We’re looking for a home where Cookie is the only dog. She has shown some resource guarding of her people when another dog wants to come and snuggle. She does really well meeting people but needs to be reminded to be calm.
Regarding dogs, at this time Cookie is not a dog who can be ‘generally’ socialized with other dogs and should be supervised (has been muzzle trained). She has made some dog friends but still requires supervision and slow methodical introductions; she has a lot of bouncy energy.
Cookie is a sensitive girl who is now feeling more settled and definitely ready to move onto the next chapter of her life.
If you think you might be a fit for Cookie, please submit an adoption application from our website. Let’s find this girl her forever!
Name: Cookie
Age: 3.5 years old
Size: Large
Colour: Brindle
Gender: Female
Locations: Eastern Ontario