Arlo is a sweet and playful young lad with a heart full of love and puppy energy. Despite not having the best start in life, he is eager to please and always up for a treat. Arlo is currently working on improving his leash manners and controlling his excitement around other dogs, especially the smaller ones who may find his exuberance intimidating.

Living with a cat who isn’t his biggest fan, Arlo is respectful and gives plenty of space. He’s also trying to befriend the squirrels outside, although they seem to be a bit hesitant. Arlo is well-trained in terms of house manners and will signal when he needs to go out. While he can be left alone, he does get a bit bored and prefers some company or a closed bathroom door to keep him occupied.

Arlo enjoys resting in his crate during dinner time with his Kong toy, but he secretly dreams of joining the family at the table. He’s looking for a family that can continue his training, provide lots of love, and have patience with him as he learns and grows. Arlo has been neutered, has no issues at the vet, and travels well in the car.

While Arlo lives with active boys, he sometimes finds their energy a bit overwhelming. He believes that being the number one focus in a family will help him excel in his training and be the best companion possible. If a hot chocolate-colored furry friend is on your wishlist, Arlo is the perfect guy for you.

Name: Arlo
Age: Approximately 2+ years old
Size: Large
Colour: Chocolate
Caveats: Would do best with older calmer kids in the home.