We aren’t going to beat around the bush and are just going to say it Maggie is a difficult dog to find a forever home for.  Time to time we get Danes that have been terribly mistreated and life has been awful prior to coming to rescue, Maggie is one of those Danes.

In May we received a tearful call from a shelter employee telling us about Maggie.  Maggie had been dropped off at the shelter a month prior and had been deteriorating each day.  She was becoming increasingly more fearful as her time in the shelter was running out.  Maggie’s options were grim.  

Maggie arrived at her foster home mentally and physically broken.  Her body was a canvas of past abuses.   Her knees were still swollen and scabbed over from injuries suffered long before her days at the shelter.  The minute Maggie met her foster she immediately bonded with her and jumped right into her truck as if she had been doing it for years. 

Maggie is that type of gal.  When she meets her type of people she is great, other people, sorry dudes, she takes more time to warm up to, but as soon as she does, the bond is strong.  In all honesty Maggie would rather spend time with her bone and some cats than socialize with other dogs. She loves to cuddle, and often you will be pushed to the edge of the bed because she just wants to be close to you.


Maggie gives the absolute best hugs, when her foster mom returns from work, Maggie waves with her paw till she can finally bury her head into your body for a long embrace. She truly is a sweet, gentle girl. She enjoys going for walks and car rides, but her favourite thing to do is find a nice spot on the deck or in the house to have a nap. 

We really need everyone’s help in finding Maggie her person and vice-versa.  We are looking for a quiet rural home with no other dogs.  Maggie loves cats, the more, the merrier.  She does better with women than men but with lots of treats and positive interactions she does fine and then she loves to play and cuddle with them as well.  She truly loves her people and people in general it just takes her a little time and rightly so given the awful abuse she must of endured. 

Name: Maggie
Age: 3 Years
Size: Medium
Colour: Black
Gender: Female
Locations: Ontario