Adoption Policies

Our primary goal is the ongoing care and well being of any of our rescues.

Great Danes thrive when in human company and need regular exercise to burn off their energy, especially younger Danes. They are also sensitive to human emotions which can be projected to the dog causing stress. Having a Dane as a family member often entails a change of lifestyle but the rewards are well worth it.

As a modest network of knowledgeable and dedicated volunteers spread throughout the province who manage this rescue group, our primary focus is the long term welfare of the Danes entrusted to us. Based on our experience with Great Danes, various policies have been formulated to ensure potential applicants are aware of the breed-specific needs of Great Danes. These may eliminate eligibility for some applicants and our reasons for these policies are shown as a courtesy to potential adopters to save wasting your time. Compliance with these plays a major part in our decision about where we locate a Dane.


Time Alone:



Our recommendation for this is a maximum of 4 hours for any given period. Even this is stretching the time limit in the event a medical condition such as Bloat arises, but we have compromised with this for the sake of reality.

We are frequently asked why this policy is in place since most adopters work regular shifts but there are various options, some of which are listed below, available to overcome a Dane being left alone for lengthy periods;

  •  Have a relative, friend or neighbour visit your home frequently to let the Dane out or check on it.
  •  Arrange day camp visits for the Dane.
  •  Arrange a dog-sitter.

Young Children:

This policy was adopted to safeguard the interests of children from the “Unknown” factor with rescued dogs, and the sheer size of a Great Dane.

It’s purely a safety concern, and our requirement for resident children is 8 y-o or older.

If you have younger children (8 to 11 y-o), we will assess each application on an individual basis. If satisfied that the child, or children, is/are not at risk, we would only offer you a Great Dane with a proven history of being comfortable and safe in a home with young children in residence. We will not adopt to homes where there are children under 8 years old.

If 8 to 11 y-o children occasionally visit – e.g. grandchildren, please indicate this in the notes at the end of the application.

Accommodation in multi-unit apartment /condo/loft buildings:

Dogs will be dogs, and part of having one entails dealing with barking. If neighbours don’t appreciate your new family member, complaints may follow. A Dane will possibly bark if it senses an ‘intruder’ on its territory (your home) or simply wants some attention. While this can be remedied with time and patience, a new dog can be a source of irritation to neighbours/adopters and lead to the Dane being returned to us.

We do NOT adopt to residents in high-rise Apartments, Condos or Loft buildings.


Densely populated urban areas pose a traffic risk if there is no secure confinement for a Dane’s play/toileting area. Squirrels, other wildlife and dogs passing by are usually of great interest to a Dane which can be momentarily distracted and end up in the midst of traffic. Applicants sometimes tell us that the Dane will always be on leash if there is no fenced area. However, Dogs can get loose in a variety of circumstances, so this is not an acceptable risk.

Rural properties will be assessed for the fencing requirement based on their proximity to busy highways.

Invisible fencing is NOT considered secure and is NOT acceptable.

Unaltered Pets in your home:

We do not adopt to homes where there are unaltered dogs unless your dog(s) is/are too young for altering or there is a medical reason, verified by your vet, for your dog(s) not being altered.

Why do we ask for a letter from the landlord for rented premises?

Prior to this requirement being instituted, we had Danes returned to us because the landlord objected to a giant breed living on his/her rented property.

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