Adopted – 07-Apr-22.

Zeus (2 years of age) came to Danes in Distress when he was surrendered to a shelter.  He managed to grab a few hearts during his stay there!!

He is a young, sensitive, playful boy who would love to have a canine companion in the home.  Zeus lacks confidence and with new people, or a new situation, he must be able to engage when the timing is right for him.  He loves his food so treats are always a plus when meeting new people!  No forced interactions for this lad, if there are children in the family we’re looking for older children. We’re looking for a chill home.  A patient approach when welcoming Zeus into your home will quickly be rewarded with the best cuddles ever!

He is gaining confidence on his walks.  His lack of confidence can show with a tail held low and a keen watchfulness for things around him.  His foster mom has been working consistently with lots of positive re-inforcement (and did we mention treats!) to support Zeus through unsure times.  Lack of early socialization, support and education are most likely the causes of Zeus’ fearfulness and it’s hoped with ongoing structure and support, this boy’s confidence will build and build.  Seeing other dogs, he will sometimes become excitable and curious but listens to the handler when asked to calm himself.  He really just wants to play.

Zeus becomes worried and concerned when left on his own.  We are only considering people who are home during the day and have the time, patience and commitment to continue with his behavioural training regarding separation anxiety.  Although early days, he is showing good progress.  Medication may be introduced to help him in these early days of transition to a new life.  Supporting and re-educating him through this behaviour will be a marathon not a sprint, so do not consider applying to adopt Zeus, if you’re not in for the long haul






Name: Zeus
Age: 2 years old
Size: Large
Colour: Brindle
Gender: Male
Caveats: No cats please!