Meet Jake, who is a Great Dane / Lab mix and is almost 11 years old.  Jake is about 80 lbs.  To say Jake has had a tough life is an understatement.  For the first 9 years of his life, he lived outside tied up with no consistent food source, no significant shelter and no compassion.  Thankfully, the neighbourhood rallied around him and would bring him food and give him pets over the fence.  At 9, Jake found himself at a rescue and for the first time in his life he experienced the indoors.  Despite his neglected life, Jake is a sweet heart.  He doesn’t always have the best manners but does his best and can be very motivated to learn new things when treats are involved!  He loves getting attention from his people, and when given the chance, loves to cuddle on the couch.

Because floors are newer to Jake, he does prefer walking on carpet but currently lives in a home with hardwood.  He sometimes walks a bit funny on these floor or will walk backwards to get from place to place.  This does not stop him though and he manages to navigate the home well.  He prefers not to venture up or down stairs in the house but is fine to go upstairs to get into the house.

Jake can be a bit anxious and barks at strange noises or when he is frustrated (like waiting for his food to be ready!).  He is fine to be left for the day and does not experience any separation anxiety when left alone.  Currently Jake lives with 2 other dogs.  For the first 1½ years, these three dogs all lived together fairly well however over the last 6 months things have changed.  Jake and the other male dog have increasingly been struggling to get along and have been getting into fights.  Despite working with a dog trainer/behaviourist thing have not improved and Jake’s current owner has made the difficult decision to rehome Jake.  The tension between the two male dogs is high and it is just a matter of time before of them gets injured. Jake does get along well with the female dog and believe he will do well in a home either on his own or with a female dog.  Jake has had exposure to teenagers and is fine with them.  No exposure to cats.

Jake currently goes for 30 min walks daily and still has some spunk in him despite being a senior.  He loves rolling in the grass, drinking from the hose and absolutely loves his meals.  So much so, he eats from a slow feeder.  He will chew on bones and toys, and has not been at all destructive in the home.  He will offer to clean your plates after dinner even if you don’t ask – all you have to do is leave your plate where he can reach it!  Jake is a good boy and had a tough life.  He has been loved the last few years and deserves to live his golden years in a home where he can be pampered and loved.

Jake recently had a physical and full blood work and is in good health for his age.

We are looking for a forever foster for this lovely boy, which means, you provide the love and the couch and the rest will be taken care of.


Name: Jake
Age: 11 years old
Size: Small
Colour: Black
Gender: Male