About Danes in Distress

Danes in Distress is a non-profit entity staffed by a group of volunteers who are committed to helping unwanted, neglected or abused Great Danes by placing them in caring homes where they will receive proper care and exercise.

The rescue service was started in 1956 by a Great Dane lover/breeder and evolved in 1965 into the organization we now know as Danes In Distress. Over the years, volunteers have been involved to continue the rescue efforts.

In 1993, Patricia Whetstone of Brantford, ON took over as ‘Coordinator’ and enthusiastically pursued the organization’s mandate.  Through her efforts, hundreds of disadvantaged Great Danes were placed with new owners.  Pat’s name became synonymous with helping Great Danes and she was well known by Great Dane breeders, veterinarians, kennels, animal shelters, and the many caring owners who had happy additions to their families.

In 2000, Jim Wood took over the Coordinator’s responsibilities. and rescue efforts continue with many new faces on our team.

Our Rescue Group has been rescuing the less fortunate members of our favourite breed for over 56 years and we have adopted in excess of 6,000 Great Danes.

We were incorporated in 2003 and designated as a non-profit Charitable organization in 2004 – Charity No.: 87108 5502 RR0001.


A Happy Story

The Great Dane (Sara) you see in the pictures below was abandoned and alone in a home for 2 weeks before the neighbors realized what had happened.

They forced their way into the home, fed her and called us. One of our volunteers drove about 200 km in a blinding snowstorm to get her safely into our care.

Sara is just one of the many Danes we save and give a reason to live. She is still in that same volunteer’s home as a family member to play with another Dane they rescued.

All of our volunteers have Great Danes in their families and are totally dedicated to giving another chance to the many sad cases we encounter in Rescue.

Meet Sara

First day of rescue

One week later

Two weeks later

Look at me now!